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If your closet is crammed full or short on space, chances are you won't wear what you have in there! Image artist Sarah Shah has some useful tips and DIY's to make the most of your closet.

  • Sarah's number one tip: It has to be visible. If you don't see it, you're not going to wear it.
  • Don't stack clothes in your drawer. Instead, fold or roll them and "stack" them sideways or stand them up in your drawer like file folders so you can see them.
  • To keep hanging clothes visible, that you don't wear very often, store them in a clear garment bag with a breathable back.
  • Instead of storing scarves in a traditional bin, turn the bin on its side on a shelf then layer your scarves upward so you can see them all.
  • Another option for scarves, paint a wine box and turn it on its side. Then, ball up your scarves and store them inside so you can see them and they stay separated.
  • Store your shoes in a book shelf. Stand up your flats against the back.
  • Another option, hang your high heels by the heel on the side of a basket on a shelf.
  • Store belts around cute waste baskets turned upside down.
  • Store rings around a rack designed for spools of thread.
  • An easy DIY earring holder& buy and paint cheap frames (take the glass out), then nail or staple chicken wire on the back. Hang on the wall and hang your earring from the wire.
  • Another earring DIY& buy and paint cheap frames (take the glass out), nail tacks onto the back, then loop a ribbon zigzag from one tack to the next. Hang the frame on the wall and hang your earrings from it.

More information:
Sarah Shah
Image Artist & Author, "Dress Yourself Skinny"

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