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Wash My Hair Woes Away

There are easy ways to wash your hair woes away with things that you already have at home!

Salon owner Rachel Gower says, "It doesn't have to be super expensive or take a lot of time to bring your hair back to its former glory. We have some great home remedies and you might already have some of the ingredients you'll need."

"Painless" Highlight Booster:
With salon-grade highlights, you leave looking marvelous. Every time you shampoo, however, you'll find that your color is less and less dazzling.

  • Take 1 aspirin and crush between two spoons
  • Add to your shampoo
  • Wash your hair as usual
  • What it does: salicylic acid in aspirin washes away dulling residue and adds shine to fading highlights
"Emergency" Hair Color Lock:
We all want hair color that stays, but color seems to fade more quickly than we would hope.
  • Take 1 Packet of Emergen-C (vitamin C supplement)
  • Combine with enough water to make a thick paste
  • Shampoo and rinse as usual
  • Apply paste to wet hair
  • Allow it to sit for 10 minutes
  • Wash and rinse it out
  • What it does: the vitamin C supplement contains high levels of ascorbic and citric acids, which dissolve the iron and alkaline deposits in hard water that cause color-treated hair to turn dull and mousey.
Champagne Wishes for Your Hair:
Rinsing your hair with champagne is a great way to impart shine and bring out the golden tones. The consistency and effervescence of champagne gives the hair great volume, shine, and a gorgeous glow.
  • Wash and condition hair as usual
  • Rinse with champagne
  • Spritz champagne directly onto the roots before blow drying
  • Spritzing your hair before the blow dry at the roots is especially helpful to give you a lively lift
Messy, Clean Hair:
Do you want to get the tousled yet perfect look in no time? Reach for your soap!
  • Take a bar of soap in your hands with a little bit of warm water
  • Work your fingers through damp hair
  • Blow dry
  • What this does: reduces static, reduces fly aways, imparts texture
Foam Your Dome:
Buildup is inevitable -- from shampoo, styling products, etc. What can you do?
  • Grab your favorite non-foaming face cleanser (ex: Cetaphil)
  • Wash your hair with it
  • May require two washes (if you have a lot of build up)
  • Why we love Cetaphil? It's so gentle that many hospitals use it to wash the hair of babies and small children; lacks detergent and won't harm your hair
Reawaken Before You Straighten:
Buy some castor oil protectant
  • Use it before flat ironing your hair; will nourish your hair and keep it safe from the heat
  • Contains omega-9 fatty acids
  • Helps reduce and prevent damage
  • The rich, thick oil will help ends become shiny while hiding the appearance of frizzy, damaged and split ends
  • Over time, as you use it, you'll notice that you won't develop split ends as easily
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