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Warm Weather Leather

Warm weather leather is the texture-must of the season! Here's how Host Rebecca Spera and other fashionistas wear leather, patent, suede, and more.

Andrea Bonner -- Personal Stylist:

Start with a leather skirt:

"I think it's just easier to move, easier to breathe and something lightweight versus a heavier weight is perfect for the spring," she says.

Pair it with a cool, seasonal top:

"And nautical prints go well with the solid bottom, regardless of whether it's leather or not& I like the combination with the leather, because it's a little bit of a play on style that you're wearing leather, but you're wearing something nautical that's generally more spring. So, it's kind of a little mixture there," she says.

And for accessories...

"Because my outfit is all black and white, I like to have a little bit of a "pop" in color, so I put on this really bright necklace and to make it stand out a little bit more, I added two chains versus one," Andrea says.

Lindley Arnoldy -- Fashion Blogger/Designer/Stylist:

Choose a light-weight leather t-shirt:

"It has a very oversized feel to it. And I paired it with Thakoon leopard print shorts that also have a bit of leather on the trim as well. And I popped it with a pair of bright red shoes& This really represents my personal style because I love to pair things with shorts, particularly, in warmer months. I think it's really comfortable and easy and I love that this baggy silhouette works well with a little short. Mixing the textures is great. Mix suede with leather and you get a multitude of dimension in your outfit," she says.

Monica Abney - Fashion Illustrator/Blogger:

Choose a little bit of leather instead of a lot... like at the back of your shirt: "Leather is a very hot trend for spring, but we don't have to wear leather tops or pants. We can just wear leather details and give a little edge to our outfit," she says.

She puts leather detail with the color of the season (this season it's navy and black): "Black is very IN for spring, believe it or not," Monica says.

Karli Gillum -- Personal Stylist/Blogger:

"If you're a stickler for the old fashion rules - like never wear leather in the spring or summer - wearing something with just some leather detailing is going to be just right for you," she says.

She chooses an empire waist leather-detailed dress...

"A majority of it from front to back is actually stretchable cotton. So, what this is going to do is allow it to breathe, so as the temperature heats up, you won't. By taking a dark dress with the leather accent and adding a few pops of color, it really makes it great for spring," Karli says.

Magen Pastor -- Fashion Blogger:

"Instead of real leather, I like to wear faux leather. It's breathable for the summer or spring or for hotter climates, but it still brings that kind of edgier toughness to it. I pair mine with a denim shirt& For the accessories, leather is tough so bring in skull shapes to match, but beaded and feminine," she says.

Valerie Dittner -- Fashion Buyer/Blogger:

"So when you usually think of leather, you think of brown leather, black leather. Well, for spring we want to do light-colored leather. Think of cobalt blue, think of maybe a light cream or something really feminine, like blush. It's just much easier to work into your spring wardrobe when you're not thinking about those stark, dark colors. I mix in lots of really classic, clean, lightweight summer and spring pieces -- a chambray shirt, a chunky chain necklace, Converse All Stars just 'cause I'm running around today -- I want to be comfortable, and a great light-colored bag for spring," she says.

For more info:

Andrea Bonner - Personal Stylist
*Special thanks to Jenise Gregg Couture: jenisegreggcouture.com

Lindley Arnoldy - Fashion Blogger/Designer/Stylist
*Special thanks to Neiman Marcus: neimanmarcus.com

Monica Abney - Fashion Illustrator/Blogger
*Special thanks to Atrium: atriumrtw.com

Karli Gillum - Personal Stylist/Blogger
*Special thanks to Carrie Ann Boutique: shopcarrieann.com

Magen Pastor - Fashion Blogger
*Special thanks to Langford Market: langfordmarket.com

Valerie Dittner - Fashion Buyer/Blogger adornyourselfaccordingly.blogspot.com *Special thanks to Muse Boutique: musehouston.com

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