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Warehouse Store Shopping

Hidden among the bulk items, budget fashionistas can find designer duds for dimes on the dollar!

Here are some examples of what we found (keep in mind these retail stores often require $40-50 annual memberships):


  • Jimmy Choo sunglasses that retail for more than $300 were about $100
  • A Burberry handbag that retails for more than $200 costs about $40
  • The store often carries Rolex watches, along with labels like Cartier and Michelle
  • Sam's Club:

  • A Judith Ripka black onyx ring that retails for about $1900 is about $900
  • A BCBG handbag that retails for about $150 costs about $35
  • At K&G Superstore:

  • One-of-a-kind Armani evening dress that retails for about $9995 costs just under $4000
  • Prada shoes that retail for about $775 sell for about $350
  • Men's designer suits that cost more than $2000 start around $1000
  • The store also sells brands like Nine West, Kenneth Cole and Michael Kors
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