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Vault Airtone Hammock Pilates

Tone your body, get your heart pumping, and have a great workout -- all while lying on a hammock?

Vault Airtone takes elements of yoga, pilates, gyrotonic, and aerial training and combines them into one amazing fitness routine!

"Basically in this workout, you will get smaller everywhere. The body just shrinks," Amy Ell, owner of Gyrotonic Houston, explains. The class is challenging but fun.

So, why workout in a hammock? "It decompresses the joints. It's a way to strengthen and stretch the body without placing undo pressure on the joints themselves," she explains.

Elements to the Vault Airtone workout:

  • Lifting your legs into a quadriceps series
  • Working your core
  • Flexing and stretching your body
  • Toning your tush!
  • Working your hamstrings
  • Exercising your upper body
After all of that is done, you can finally relax in your hammock. "The nervous system needs some time to rest after all of the activity we've done," Amy explains. What a great way to end a workout!

For more information:
Any Ell, owner
Gyrotonic Houston

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