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Trends/New Fashion, The Claim Game, Professional and Polished, Fitness Tube Workout

Host Rebecca Spera shows us how some old trends are becoming new fashions. If you have to look professional every day, you probably spend much of your budget on dry cleaning! Check out a new line of mix-and-match clothing that's work appropriate and washable! Our beauty experts test out products to see if they really do what they say they will. Plus, the full body workout you can get with one inexpensive rubber tube.
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Segment 1
Old Trends/New Fashion
Old Trends/New Fashion
As the weather cools off this fall, it's time to warm ourselves up to some of the hottest trends of the season.
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Segment 2
The Claim Game
The Claim Game
We see it all the time - claims that beauty products are smudge-proof, budge-proof, crease-proof, or the best-thing-ever! So, how do you know if what they claim is true? We found some winners.
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Segment 3
Polished and Professional
Polished and Professional
Professional women work, run errands, and still make time to play. Here's how to look polished the entire way.
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Segment 4
Fitness Tube Workout
Fitness Tube Workout
Fitness tubes are nothing new, but what people don't realize is they can be your total gym.
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