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Trapeze Workout

Find out why women are flipping out over the trapeze workout!

"Every little girl dreams of running off to the circus, so this was my way to kind-of run to the circus," says Mika Stepankiw, a trapeze student who joined in two years ago.

"It was a little scary, just being up high in the air. But quickly, it went away," she says. She hasn't looked back.

Rachel Luspin started just six months ago. "It's not an exercise routine that you can put your earphones in and tune out to. You have to really pay attention to your body," she says. By trapezing just once or twice a week, she has quickly toned up.

Instructor Emily Jesse targets the entire body, toning every muscle, but especially the upper body during the workout of balancing, twists, turns, and flips.

"If done right, it can absolutely be cardio," she says.

The class starts with an extensive warm up that includes abs. Then comes strength training on the bar. It's fun and an hour flies by.

Emily adds, "You can do everything on the ground. You can go running. You can go weight-lifting, you can do any of that with your feet on the ground. But this is literally and metaphorically a way to rise above your day."

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