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Tired of Looking Tired

When your busy life gets in the way of your beauty sleep, sometimes you've got to fake looking awake! Here are some tips that can help.

"When we're tired, our skin starts to show things like being dry, dull, ashy. Our pores start to look bigger. We see more fine lines and wrinkles. We also start to see slackness or sagging. But the good news is that there are some quick tricks that will get you back to looking radiant very quickly," says salon owner Rachel Gower.

Yves Saint Laurent -- Beauty Sleep -- about $75
Rachel says: When you apply this product at night, your skin becomes more hydrated and actually plumps up so when you wake up the next morning, you're going to look like you got enough sleep even if you didn't.

Peter Thomas Roth -- Instant Firmx -- about $48
Rachel says: It's a temporary tightener. What it does is deposit vitamins into the skin, hydrate the skin, and tighten it at the same time. On clean skin, apply this product very sparingly everywhere on your face so you get an even result. Wait for the product to dry (about 3-6 minutes) and during that time limit any kind of facial expression. When the product is dry, you'll see a very light film all around your face. Use a damp washcloth or tissue to wipe it off. Then, apply moisturizer or sunscreen.

Jan Marini -- C'Esta Cleansing Gel -- about $32
Rachel says: There are so many ways you can get vitamin C on your skin, but one of the easiest and the fastest is to use a cleanser.

MAC -- Magically Cooling Liquid Powder -- about $30
Rachel says: It's a translucent powder that goes on cool. In fact, it almost feels like your brush is wet as it's going on your face.

Origins -- GinZing -- about $30
Rachel says: What's special about this product is that it has ginseng to cool the skin and also magnolia extract and skin brighteners to help make the entire area look less dull and more bright.

Garnier -- Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller -- about $12
Rachel says: It has a hint of tint, which I love. This product is really ideal for anyone in the late teens or twenties, maybe into the thirties, anyone who doesn't need much camouflaging.

Benefit -- Erase Paste -- about $26
Rachel says: You want to look for a product that has a pink base. This is the best way to cancel out the dark, almost purplish tone under the eye.

Cle de Peau -- Touche Sublime -- about $62
Rachel says: This product isn't really about camouflaging, but more about making the most of what you have. So, if you have a concealer under your eye you can use this on top of your concealer to add some illumination.

Tarte -- EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener -- about $18
Rachel says: A white liner is going to just draw attention especially to blood-shot eyes. A peachy nude pencil like this one from Tarte will start to cancel out the redness.

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