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Tips For Mixing Classic Jewelry Pieces and Trendy Bling

Mix and match your jewels! You can create the perfect outfit by mixing classic jewelry pieces and budget-friendly, trendy bling.

Wardrobe Consultant, Emily Elliott says, "Accessorizing really is the best way to complete a look. What we like to do is spend money on the classic pieces and then have fun and spend less money on the trendier pieces."

Here is her list of must-buys to finish off your look, and she recommends always mixing and matching the investment pieces with trendy pieces.

TREND PIECES (spend less):

  • Chandelier Earring
  • Gold Dangle
  • Gold Bangles
  • Colorful Statement Necklace
  • Cuffs
  • Statement Ring
  • Classic Strand of Pearls
  • Diamond Stud Earring
  • Hoop Earring
  • Pendant Necklace
  • Band Ring
  • Wrist Watch
For more on Emily Elliott, Wardrobe Consultant, visit www.rebeccamatthews.com

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