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Theatre Makeup for Everyday

It's a little known secret between make-up artists. The best quality make-up at the lowest price isn't necessarily at the department store OR drug store. Instead, it's at your local costume shop!

"The makeup is more affordable because there are less marketing costs involved with manufacturers, the product quality is very high, the pigments are deep, the coverage is much, much better because it's designed for stage and film use," says costume shop owner Jason Frankel. The most popular brand and the brand mostly featured by Jason and makeup artist Darcie Teasley is Ben Nye Company.

Shimmer Eyeshadows

  • About $12 each
  • Go shimmery with either loose or pressed shadows
Matte Shadows
  • Empty palettes are about $8, individual colors are about $6 each
  • Darcie says matte shadows are hard to find, so take full advantage of the costume store collection. She adds, "I love using matte colors because they're really great for contouring."
  • About $8 to $10
  • Because theater foundation was designed to be under bright lights, it's more densely populated and lasts longer.
  • About $12
  • It doesn't cover like a spackle. It will cover under eye circles, take out the color of a tattoo or a scar, but it won't necessarily cover up the texture.
Pink Powder
  • About $10
  • Pink powder is great for most skin types with the exception of dark skin. It's especially great for more mature skin that needs a little pop of radiance.
Translucent Powder
  • About $10 to $12
  • Translucent powders have more absorbency than most powders, so your natural oils won't shine through as fast.
  • About $30 for a full palette
  • Because of the high pigment in the blushes, just a dab will do!
  • About $8
  • Because theatrical lipsticks are made with more wax and deeper pigments, they last longer.
  • About $3.50
  • They're made with human hair and are all hand-set
  • Try cutting them in half to get to pairs out of one set. Just make sure to place them on the outer corners to center of the eyes.
Make-up Tools
  • Make-up Brushes - about $2.50 to $6
  • Sponges - about $2 for a 12-pack
For more information:
Jason Frankel, owner
Frankel's Costume Company

Darcie Teasley, makeup artist

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