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Wakeup Your Makeup

Ladies, by the time we're 40 we can do our makeup in our sleep. However, that's exactly why it's time to do the energize our makeup routines!

Sandy Linter, co-author of "The Makeup Wakeup", says wearing the same makeup for four decades is a beauty DON'T.

"Women of a certain age that are still doing their makeup the way they did it when they were twenty year olds. It doesn't work anymore!" she says.

Here are some of Sandy's tips for updating your look:

Lesson One: Use Bronzer Year Round

  • Bring life to your face by making sure to hit the bones of your face.
  • Apply the bronzer right on your facial bones, stop two fingers from the nose.
Lesson Two: Put Blush in the Right Place
  • Place blush higher on the cheek bone so it gives the illusion of lift.
  • Be careful not to get too close under the eyes.
Lesson Three: For Lips, Less is More
  • Protect lips with a base to prevent dryness or cracking.
  • Use a flesh-toned lip pencil. It gives you a little border so the lines around the mouth are less visible and lipsticks will not run or smear.
  • Use a sheer, light-colored lipstick with no blue undertones
Lesson Four: Lift Your Eyes
  • When it comes to eyes, never put eye shadow base under the brow, only apply it to your eye lid.
  • Apply liner by lining the eye in little dashes and taking a small brush to blend the dashes together.
  • Take a q-tip, go to the outside corner of the eye and wipe off your eye liner in an upward fashion to create the illusion of a lifted eye.
  • Wide-set eyes make you look younger, so use the use the same pencil you used as eye liner and use it as eye shadow in the outer corner and crease. Never put any dark eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye.
  • There is nothing youthful about being brow-less. Rectify the loss of brows by turning the pencil on its side (so that it goes on very softly) and fill in your brows. The arch should end diagonally upwards and outwards from the pupil of the eye.
Lesson Five: Foundation
  • A deeper shade can give you a younger look by adding warmth to your skin.
  • To prevent anything lying in the creases of your eye, go against the grain of the skin when you go underneath the eye.
Lesson Six: Powder the Center
  • When you powder your face, only powder the center of your face, never powder on the cheek bone area because it mattes down the whole face.
For more information:
Sandy Linter,makeup artist and author
"The Makeup Wakeup"

Special thanks to Neiman Marcus and Lancome:

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