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Temporary Hair Styles

Sometimes you want to change your hair, but you only want it to be temporary. Here are some ideas for new hair styles, haircuts, and temporary hair color that only lasts as long as you want it to.

Stylist/Salon Owner David Bamford has some tricks for temporary hair changes. Here are a few:

Temporary Highlights

  • Use Kevin Murphy Color Bug to highlight brown or blonde hair
  • Grab sections of hair
  • Gently run the Color Bug over the top of the section of hair
Covering Gray Roots
  • Use Masc-A-Gray by Rashell to touch up gray roots and strands instantly
  • Masc gray roots and strands or create beautiful highlights in seconds
  • Easy-to-apply non-permanent color brushes on with a mascara-style applicator
  • Gives you fast, even coverage in between salon visits.
  • Water-resistant, color stays on until shampooed out.
Faux Bob
  • Tease hair
  • Roll hair under from the ends to the nape of the neck
  • Secure hair with bobby pins
  • Smooth hair into a bob and spray with hairspray
Faux Bangs
  • Make a deep, side part
  • Pick a section of hair to bring forward from the back crown area of the head so that the "bangs" are the correct length on your forehead
  • Make a diagonally part from the front of the head to the back
  • Lift the section, then pull your small bang section of hair forward and hide it under the section you lifted
  • Pin them in place and keep styling until your faux bangs look perfect
More information about Therapy Hair Studio visit therapyhairstudio.com.
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