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Take a Perfect Picture

Get tips from professional photographer Mariae Bui on how to have your picture taken perfectly every time.

  • Find your best angle. Everyone has one!
  • Be like Tyra Banks -- smile with your eyes! Think happy thoughts and keep the smile in your eyes -- there will be a little glint in them and it will make a world of difference in the pictures
  • Smile with the top level of your teeth only! Both sets makes the smile too cheesy!
  • Keeps arms away from body -- this takes off POUNDS!
  • Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth - this will minimize that little jowl/double chin action that most people have problems with!
  • Maintain good posture!
  • Wear clothes that complements your skin tones, accentuate your best features and hide your problem areas.
  • Apply makeup!
  • Breathe through your mouth if you don't feel like smiling in a picture. This will help relax your face!
  • Know the rules and feel OK about breaking them, then do it! It's all about exuding confidence, happiness and beauty which makes for the perfect picture!


  • Fake a cheesy smile or make crazy faces (including not-so-sexy faces, nervous face, all bad faces!)
  • Wear distracting clothes that takes away from your gorgeous face!
  • Withhold natural confidence and happiness from your pictures!
  • For More Information:
    Photographer: Mariae Bui
    Pink Posh
    website: www.pinkposh.com
    email: info@pinkposh.com

Take a Perfect Picture, Lipstick's Comeback, Name That Bag, 5 Minute Hair, Couch Workout

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