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Suitable Sparkle

With these clothing tips, you can you can shimmer all day long without looking like a disco ball

A few guidelines to keep in mind:

Rule #1 for Wearing Sparkle: If you're going to do a solid sequin piece, make that the only solid sequin piece on your body.

Rule #2 for Wearing Sparkle: If you're going to wear shimmer on shimmer, you have to break it up with a casual piece that's not shimmer. That means no sparkle from head to toe!

Rule #3 for Wearing Sparkle: Make sure your sparkle goes all the way around. That means no shirts with one-sided sparkle. It cheapens the look.

Rule #4 for Wearing Sparkle: Find the perfect fit. When you're wearing shimmer fabrics, fit is key. If it doesn't fit you, and it's pulling, it's going to show.

Rule #5 for Wearing Sparkle: Daytime Glitz. People don't realize that you can wear shimmer all day. If you just pair shimmer with casual pieces it instantly dresses it down.

For more information, contact:
Alison M. Kahn

Clothes courtesy of Neiman Marcus: www.neimanmarcus.com

Special thanks to the Four Seasons for location: www.fourseasons.com

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