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Stylist Secrets, The Virgin Diet, Perfect Pink Lip Color, Sheer Fabric Fashion Trend

From your posture to products, and color commitment to the right cut, get professional hair advice and secret salon tips. Could your perfect pucker be a self-adjusting lip balm? Rebecca Spera tests a few out! And, get more on the seven sinful foods of The Virgin Diet and what you can eat to replace them. Plus, check out the sheerest fabrics and how to wear them tastefully!
Segment 1
Stylist Secrets For Best Haircut and Color
Stylist Secrets For Best Haircut and Color
There are things you should know when you go to the hair salon that no one ever tells you. Get a few hairstylist secrets to getting the best haircut, hair color and outcome when you sit in the hair chair!
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Segment 2
The Virgin Diet
The Virgin Diet
What's the best diet out there? Nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin has created the Virgin Diet, which recommends cutting seven key foods from your diet so you can lose seven pounds in just seven days!
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Segment 3
Finding the Perfect Pink Lip Color
Finding the Perfect Pink Lip Color
Most gals could search forever for the perfect pink lip color, but now they don't have to. Here's why you should pucker up to self-adjusting lip color.
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Segment 4
Sheer Fabric Fashion Trend
Sheer Fabric Fashion Trend
There is nothing transparent about it. If you wear sheer clothes the wrong way, your look can go all wrong. So, stylist Karli Gillum shares some tips on how to wear this sheer fabric fashion trend.
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