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Stay Fit While Traveling with the On-Vacation Workout

Do you have a hard time staying on-track with your fitness when you're on vacation? Personal Trainer Dewayne Malone has some fitness moves you can do anywhere!

"Generally, when people go on a trip, they're already eating badly. They say, 'Heck with the workout,' and everything is all out the window. They forget what the whole overall goal was and the overall intention," Dewayne says.

Well, if nothing else, you can still get a workout in, right from your hotel room! Here's Dewayne's plan for an on-the-road workout.

The first "equipment" Dewayne recommends using is a wall! Here are a few exercises to try:

Stationary Lunges
1. Place left leg out, toes facing straight ahead. Then, take the right leg back and place the foot against the wall.
2. Lower into a lunge position, creating a right ankle with the calf and thigh. Make sure the standing knee doesn't pass the toes.
3. Keep all the weight on the heels, and lower and rise for 20 reps.
4. Repeat on other leg. Do four sets.

Wall Squat with Abductor/Adductor Workout
1. Up against the wall, get into a squatted position with feet hip distance apart, calves and thighs at a ninety degree-angle, chest up, back against the wall.
2. From there, take the left leg up, out to the side, back in, and down. Then, take the right leg up, out to the side, back in, and down.
3. Repeat alternating legs for twenty reps. Do four sets.

Bridged Crunch
1. Lie on back, feet up against wall at a diagonal, behind close to wall, hands behind head.
2. Lift hips up into a bridge, squeezing the glutes and hamstrings, and lower.
3. Then, crunch up and down.
4. Repeat the bridge and crunch process 40 times. Do four sets.

Incline Push Up With Alternating Butt Kick
1. Lie on stomach, lift arms up, place feet against wall shoulder-width apart. More advanced, put your feet higher on wall; intermediate, put feet on floor against wall; beginner, put knees on floor, feet against wall.
2. Lower into a push up, and up.
3. Then, alternate glute kick with the left leg and then the right.
4. Repeat the push up and alternating glute kicks twenty times. Do four sets.

Push Up, Plank Up the Wall
1. Face the wall, in a push up position, hands within a few inches from the wall.
2. Lower into a push up and raise back up.
3. Then, bring right arm up and touch the wall and then the left arm up and touch the wall.
4. Repeat the push up, alternating hand taps for twenty reps. Do four sets.

Dewayne also recommends traveling with a resistance band because it's easy to pack. Here's some exercises you can do anywhere with your resistance band.

Wall Squat with Bicep Curl
1. Stand on band, feet hip-distance apart, hold onto handles of band.
2. Lower into a wall squat with back up against wall.
3. Perform bicep curls in the wall squat position. Do four sets of twenty reps.

Lateral and Anterior Raises
1. Stay in wall squat for added bonus, or stand up.
2. Stand on band, feet hip-distance apart, hold onto handles.
3. Raise arms to the front and then to the side.
4. Do four sets of twenty reps.

The other must-have piece of equipment to pack is a jump rope! Do five-minute increments of jumping rope and try to build to twenty minutes straight, or jump rope for 30 seconds to one minute in between each of the resistance exercises above.

For more from Dewayne, visit AgainstAllOddsFitness.com.
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