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Staircase Workout

One pair of tennis shoes and one staircase equals one great, free workout!

Here are some of fitness trainer Ben Roberson's favorite flab-blasting, staircase moves:

Step Squats

  • Stand on the ground perpendicular to the stairs.
  • Put your foot closest to the stair on the first step (other foot still on the ground) and squat.
  • Stand back up, turn around, put your opposite foot on the first step and squat.
  • For a more advanced version, (carefully) do jump squats.
Squat, Step, Tap
  • Stand on the ground perpendicular to the stairs.
  • Put your leg closet to the stair on the step. Squat.
  • Remain in the squat. Bring your foot on the step to the ground and back up on the step.
  • Repeat, while remaining in a squat.
  • Switch legs and do about 40 reps.
Lateral Jumps
  • Stand with both feet on the first step, facing the railing. Hold on!
  • Jump laterally up the steps and jump back down.
  • Repeat up and down, about 40 reps.
  • Switch and go to the other side of the railing to work the opposite side.
Lunge Glute Lifts
  • Stand on the ground. Bring one foot two flights up.
  • Lunge with the front foot on the step. Lift your back leg off the ground into a glute lift (leg lift).
  • Switch legs and do about 40 reps.
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