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Mirror/Mirror's Guide to Spring

Complete Episode: Mirror/Mirror's Guide to Spring
Explore spring's fashion and hair trends galore! Plus, learn to navigate department stores with a purpose. Then, check out the chemical peel's all natural cousin, and get the scoop on whether you're using too much or too little of your favorite beauty products.
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Segment 1
Spring 2012 Runway Trends
Spring 2012 Runway Trends
We scanned rows of fashion shows for the spring trends you should know.
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Segment 2
Become a Smarter Shopper
Become a Smarter Shopper
Lose focus while shopping? Get distracted by sales? Leave the mall with everything but the one thing you went to buy? Here's help navigating big stores.
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Segment 3
Green Peel
Green Peel
For some, chemical peels are the secret to smooth, flawless skin. However, if the idea's just not for you, meet its all-natural cousin, the Green Peel.
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Segment 4
Spring 2012 Hair Trends
Spring 2012 Hair Trends
Spring trends are in full bloom and the most exciting thing about this year is that your hair is your best accessory.
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Segment 5
How Much Product Should I Use?
How Much Product Should I Use?
When you apply a beauty product, do you think about how much you're using? Could it be too much of a good thing, or maybe it's not enough?
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