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Spring 2012 Nail Trends

Want one word to descibe this season's nail trends? "Crazy!" says salon owner Rachel Gower.

"There's lots of pattern. Lots of color. Lots of new exciting things," she says.

Rachel nails down her tips for your digits:

  • When it comes to new hot colors for spring, we're seeing a lot of neon, pastel, and of course, classic reds.
  • If you want to try the newest red for Spring, try OPI's Red Lights Ahead.
  • There are two ways to do the Reverse French. One is to create a half moon directly over the half moon on your natural nail. You can really choose any color for this. Be sure to have a nail brush and some polish remover close by to clean up any mistakes. Then very carefully apply your lighter color to the rest of the nail.
  • Another way to do the reverse French is to do what we call the true Reverse French. And this is more like a crescent moon shape instead of a half moon. Start by creating your crescent right at the cuticle. Then very carefully, apply your second color.
  • Unveiled by Adele at the Grammy's, the look was very long nails painted red underneath and black on top, just like a Louboutin heel.
  • If you want to try the Louboutin nail at home, start by applying the dark color on the top of your nail and letting it completely dry. Once it's completely dry, flip your hand over and apply a classic red on the free edge of your nail underneath. To really make this work, you'll probably need two coats of your red. It's also best for long nails.
  • If you love this look but you don't really want black on top, you can do another color. In order to keep the red from showing through, you need to do a base coat of white before you put on your lighter color.
  • A trend that's really catching on for spring is what we call the geometric nail. You can create your own geometric nail by taking a nail art pen and free handing your geometric nail. This is very difficult and takes a lot of practice.
  • So, if you like this look, check out some decals instead. Sally Hansen is the best value and the best product out there.
  • This spring, we're also seeing a lot of texture with nails, and it's a really great look, and it's pretty easy to do.
  • One of our favorite looks is Dip and Dots. Start with two coats of your favorite nail polish. Take a tooth pick and a regular top coat, pick up your dots and randomly drop them on the nail. The top coat will act as glue to keep the dots on the nail. To really set your dots on the nail, go ahead and finish with a top coat.
  • If this is too complicated, there are great decals that will give you a really similar look.
  • Don't worry if some of these trends seem a little over the top to you. Less is always more when it comes to nail polish.
  • Sheer pinks are always a classic, but this spring's nudes and naturals tend to be more in the beige family.
For more information:
Rachel Gower, owner
The Upper Hand Salon

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