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Small Changes/Big Difference

We've all heard it's the little things that count, and when it comes to makeup, little changes really can make a big difference.

"Women get stuck in these makeup ruts. They do the same makeup over and over and over again. And they wake up a year later and say 'I am so tired of my eye liner color' so this is a great way to change things up without compromising who you are or what your personal style is," says La Prairie beauty expert Raychel Wade.

The cheapest, easiest place to start? Eyeliner!
"Everyone thinks that if you don't wear black or brown you're breaking some sort of makeup rule, but the truth is, there are amazing bright colors out there: teal, there's blue, there's green, there's gray, there's purple -- and it's one single sweep on your lash line and it gives you a little bit of pizzazz," Raychel says.

Shake up your make-up with a slightly different shadow.
"So, if you just pick something like navy versus black or brown it will make a giant difference in the way your eye makeup looks. I love a navy blue smoky eye. I think it's very pretty. It can be sexy, sultry. And it doesn't look crazy and wild. It still flatters pretty much every skin tone and eye color," says Raychel.

Not ready to change your eyes? Tweak your cheeks!
"I think when people are makeup shopping they're drawn to very safe colors when it comes to their cheeks -- dusty rose or something that's very neutral -- and the truth is that really blends right into your face. Take the brightest blush you can find, pop it on the apples of your cheeks, give it a swirl, blend it in and it instantly makes you youthful and bright and if you put too much on, you just take a tissue and wipe it off," she explains.

Lastly, a little bit of spot concealing creates complexion perfection!
Raychel says ditch the heavy, full-face foundation for one tube of concealer. Use it under your eyes but also use it where you're red or you're breaking out, around your nose, around your lip line. A tiny bit of concealer, used strategically around your face makes it look like you've just got perfect skin and it doesn't make you look like you've got makeup on.

For more information:
Raychel Wade, makeup artist
La Prairie -- www.laprairie.com

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