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Secrets to Straight Hair

Secrets to Straight Hair

At some point, we all want straight, smooth, sleek hair. But most of us have kinky, curly, wavy or frizzy hair. Here are the secrets to getting straight hair at home!

Celebrity Hairstylist Dickey says anyone can get smooth straight hair at home with the right products and techniques.

Kinky Hair Textures:

  • Out of the shower with wet hair, apply a leave-in moisturizer.
  • Do not towel dry. You don't want to take any water out of your hair.
  • Use a comb attachment on your hairdryer to detangle and dry your hair.
  • Once the hair is dry and semi-straight, it's time to seal the cuticle and smooth the hair with a flat iron.
Curly Hair Textures:
  • Just like kinky hair textures, do not remove any water from your hair right out of the shower.
  • Add a straightening product and distribute with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Use a comb attachment on a blow dryer to detangle and dry your hair.
  • Seal the cuticle and smoothness with a flat iron.
Wavy Hair Textures:
  • Out of the shower, use a towel and remove 50% of the water from your hair.
  • Do not "scrub" the hair together with the towel. It'll rough the hair cuticle causing frizz. Squeeze gently.
  • Use a nozzle attachment on your hairdryer to direct the air flow down the hair from root to tip so it doesn't create frizz.
  • If you don't like using a round brush to smooth hair, use a large barrel curling iron and roll hair on the barrel (straight, not spiraled). You want to mimic the effects of a hairdryer and round brush.
Frizzy Hair Textures:
  • Out of the shower, remove 80% of the water from your hair. As with wavy hair textures, do not scrub the hair cuticles together with your towel. Squeeze gently.
  • Use a mousse or light-weight volume spray on the root only!
  • Then, using a hairdryer with a nozzle attachment, dry hair at the root in the opposite direction of hair growth to create as much volume as possible.
  • Use a large barrel curling iron along with Velcro rollers to smooth the hair and secure them in place while they cool for added volume.
  • Remove curlers and finger comb lightly!
For more information:
Dickey, hairstylist
Creator of Hair Rules hair products

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