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Sam Fine's Makeup Tips

Celebrity make-up artist Sam Fine is celebrating his twentieth year in the business. So, it's no wonder he has tricks and tips up his sleeve that he uses on stars and real women alike.

Here are some of Sam Fine's favorite tips:
  • Using a single layer of tissue, blot the excess oil from foundation, leaving the skin looking more natural and less made-up.
  • Applying a bit of loose powder directly underneath each cheekbone provides a visual guideline for applying blush or bronzer. When using bronzer, apply to the outer perimeter of the face, and then layer over with blush to get a naturally glowing look. Layering shades of peach or orange over bronzer provides a subtle "pop" of color to the face that never looks harsh or garish.
  • To make the most of every feature, take a light loose powder and go down the center of the nose, then use bronzer or a pressed powder two shades darker than your complexion and brush along the sides. Then remove the loose power from the center.
  • Combining both lighter and darker pencils helps to add dimension and makes a filled-in eyebrow appear more realistic. A light dusting of loose powder over eyebrows also makes them appear more natural and prevents them from fading throughout the day.
  • Smokey eye is the easiest eye to pull off -- apply shadow from lash to crease and then blend. Apply a "security" under eyes when applying eye makeup. This way, if any excess makeup falls off, it will fall onto the powder and not onto the prepped skin and can be whisked away with a big round brush.
  • Applying eye shadow underneath the eye is the best alternative to lining with waxy pencils, which can smudge during the day.
  • Apply a thin coat of mascara and allow it to dry before curling. This will help to hold the curl longer and accentuate even the faintest lashes. Then go back and curl your lashes. Once curled, apply a few more coats of mascara to really build volume.
  • Apply beige liner to the inner rim and corners of the eye to open the eyes and make the whites of the eye to appear brighter.
  • Line the lips with a liner that is one shade darker than your complexion. This will define lips and keep lipstick from bleeding throughout the day. Apply a golden gloss over your lipstick to lock in color and add dimension.
For more information or to buy Sam's DVD "Fine: The Basics of Beauty" log on to www.samfine.com.
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