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Rotate Wardrobe Between Seasons, Help for Thinning Hair, Pair Your Makeup and Outfit, AIR-obics

Complete Episode: Rotate Wardrobe Between Season
Find out how to take pieces in your wardrobe from one season to the next. And, get solutions for thinning hair. Plus, get tips for matching your makeup to your party dress.
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Segment 1
Rotate Wardrobe Between Seasons
Rotate Wardrobe Between Seasons
Want more wear out of your wardrobe? Make your closet 'seasonless' by transition dressing!
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Segment 2
Help for Thinning Hair
Help for Thinning Hair
Is losing your hair making you lose sleep? Try these hair growing and hair thickening solutions!
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Segment 3
Pair Your Makeup and Outfit
Pair Your Makeup and Outfit
You spent hours figuring out which dress to wear -- don't ruin your ensemble with the wrong makeup! Turns out, there's a face for every frock.
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Segment 4
Your heart rate rises, your legs burn, and some say it's the best workout they've ever done -- on a trampoline!
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