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Reinventing Yourself

Complete Episode: Reinventing Yourself
Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself or try an entirely different career? From hair to make-up to fashion and fitness, Rebecca Spera sits down with four unique and inspiring women to find out how their passions and pasts led to their current career successes.
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Segment 1
Rebecca Follows Passion to Find Career
Rebecca Follows Passion to Find Career
People often ask how Rebecca Spera, host of Mirror/Mirror, got into TV, and it's really simple -- it's all she ever wanted to do.
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Segment 2
Becoming a Fitness Expert
Becoming a Fitness Expert
Erin Stewart is a natural foods chef and a DEFINE Body and Cycling instructor. She is the epitome of a healthy lifestyle.
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Segment 3
Becoming a Make-up Artist
Becoming a Make-up Artist
To be a successful makeup artist, you need to have a range of creativity, but you also have to be able to handle a range of emotions and situations. One makeup artist who does it well is Heather Hughes.
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Segment 4
Becoming a Salon Owner
Becoming a Salon Owner
Salon owner Tamika Fletcher knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life until an accident changed everything.
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Segment 5
Becoming a Fashion Show Producer
Becoming a Fashion Show Producer
Fashion Show Producer Jeanne Ruberti is one stylish, hard-working lady.
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