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Qi Gong Workout

Many of us complain about stress and fatigue. Well, taking just 10 to 15 minutes to slow it down will speed up your health.

"Qi Gong is a systemic, whole body experience. It's using the mind, the body, and breath. Qi Gong is definitely a wonderful cousin of Yoga, Tai Chi," says Helen Terry, owner of Nia Moves studio.

Since incorporating Qi Gong into her routine, she says she feels healthier.

"I tend to be a go, go, go kind of girl. Qi Gong is one of the ways to help me access the way to slow down and truly relax more -- Qi Gong is made of two words. Qi, which means energy, and the word Gong, which means practice or work. So, it's energy work or energy practice," she explains.

Qi Gong instructor Darryl Pierre uses slow, methodical movements, incorporated with breath.

"We're going to energetically reach into our energy meridians, and we're going to clear out anything that's blocking the free flow of Qi of the meridians," he says.

"It's much more about the sensation of Qi and how you're moving it through your body. I think that's a great way to feel good," Helen adds.

Qi Gong focuses on various parts of the body: the torso, the lungs, and even the mind.

"This helps to improve the function of the brain, of the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, all those glands in the head. The hypothalamus. All of the major hormones in the body. It can also help to improve the function of the sciences& Any one, any fitness level, any age can do Qi Gong," says Darryl.

Helen adds, "The body demands balance. We drive fast, we eat fast, and we work fast. And Qi Gong helps people slow down."

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