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Pure Movement Playground Workout

When was the last time you played on monkey bars, climbed up a tree, or walked across a balance beam? That's the concept behind personal trainer Eric Vaughn's Pure Movement exercises.

Eric practices what he preaches -- get in tune with the way our bodies are designed to move.

"It's a philosophy that gets us on our feet, barefoot, carrying objects, climbing on things, crawling, utilizing patterns that we may have lost because we haven't used them in a long time and need to regain, or patterns we may just need to improve upon," he explains.

When climbing a rope, Eric teaches his clients to use the power of their feet and legs, rather than their upper body strength to drive themselves up the rope.

On the monkey bars, he teaches traversing.

"You are moving laterally across an object, so this is developing a skill, learning how to use your hips and your core to move you side to side," Eric says.

On the balance beam, Eric teaches a balance lesson.

"Most people's startle reflex is to extend the body, which is much less stable than getting control and lowering the body," he says.

The workout also includes walking on a log, a rounded bar, various walking and movement patterns, imaginary obstacles and bear crawling!

"After their first or second session, people are noting muscles that they haven't experienced before that are working and are sore. And often times, balance is improved very quickly within the first one or two sessions. Pure Movement will help to retrain and regain abilities that have been lost over time, and it will help to create a more functional individual," Eric says.

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