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Get Pregnant Workout

Research and studies show that a stress-free life can increase your chances of conceiving. A great place to start is exercise.

Melody Morton Buckleair, owner of The Good Space Pilates and Cura Yoga Studio, says, "One of the most challenging things for women to get pregnant is letting go of the stress, letting go of the intent and just letting it happen naturally. I became pregnant because I let go of trying to get pregnant."

Melody and many other women attribute part of their success to yoga, Pilates, specific exercises and even walking.

"You strengthen your body. You have a fit strong body and a strong calm mind and that really enables you to pursue anything that you want to pursue, whether it's becoming pregnant or facing the rigors of getting pregnant," says Jannell Brown, mother of two, who had conception issues herself.

Dr. Alexandra Pellicena, OB/GYN, says, "There's a Harvard study that compares women who were trying to get pregnant. One group was women who do yoga/pilates as a way to improve their fertility. They compared them to women who were not doing these exercises. The women who were doing yoga and Pilates were shown to have a much better conception rate or ability to get pregnant when compared to their counter parts."

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