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Pregnancy Spa

Here's how moms-to-be are giving themselves a much-needed time-out before their little ones arrive.

"We cater to the pregnant mother before and after baby. So, we do pre-conception massages, as well as prenatal and postpartum," says Kim Stanley about the spa idea she and her husband conceived when they were expecting. It's a one-stop shop for expecting moms called Bellies and Babies Pregnancy Spa and Ultrasound Center.

"I wanted to create something where moms could come and just kind of have it all to themselves," she says. Kim and her highly trained technicians work closely with the medical community.

"We perform our massages on a sideline position, which is the recommended position for pregnant women. Our massage therapists have extensive training in prenatal massage therapy," Kim says.

Even relief from kicking and screaming feet requires special care. Nail techs know certain pressure points to avoid and the products they use have a purpose.

"We have some lavender oils for relaxation, we do some arnica oils for achiness, and we some deep forest that helps with congestion," she says.

Moms can even take baby steps to prevent scarring and stretch marks.

"We have a service called our Yummy Tummy. It's like a facial, but it's on your belly. So, it helps keep the skin hydrated and helps with stretch markss," she says.

The biggest bundle of joy for mom is the memories provided. The spa has a 3D and 4D ultrasound service and a service called Baby Sculpting. Or, if a picture isn't what you had in mind, "We take an imprint of the mom's torso that can be painted and hung as a keepsake," Kim says.

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