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Playground Workout

Get a full-body workout on the playground -- whether your kids are with you or not!

Nancy and Michelle spend hours at the playground each week with their toddlers.

"You're always trying to fill your days, fill your time, and get your child worn out so you can actually get them down for nap," Nancy says.

Michelle agrees, "Working out seems to be something we push off, so if you can get it in, take care of it at the park, it's just an added benefit."

Urban Mom Bootcamps co-owner Kelley Davidson can relate. With 22-month-old Jake she knows multi-tasking at the playground makes all the difference in mommy fitness.

"Working with so many moms in the past, I've noticed that once kids get to a certain age, once they don't want to be in a stroller anymore, moms' workouts suffer because we don't have time to put in for ourselves. So, working out on the playground is a way for you to get your exercise while your little one gets to play, as well," she says.

Here are some of Kelley's favorite jungle gym moves:

On the swings:

  • Jumping jacks (fast or slow)
  • Jumping jacks with a squat
  • Reverse lunge (put your feet together, step back with the right foot, come back, push the swing, step back with the opposite foot, as you come up, push the swing)
  • Peek-a-boo (stand facing the child on the swing, squat down as they push away from you and stand up as they come toward you)
On the slide:
  • Push-ups (the higher your hands are on the slide, the easier it is)
  • Lunges (with one foot on the edge of the slide)
  • Toe Taps (stand in front of the slide, hop and touch one toe on the slide, then tap the other toe on the slide, keep alternating, fast for cardio)
More options (without the kids):
  • Use a swing like a TRX suspension machine (put your hands on the ground and your legs -- at the knees or ankles -- in the swing and do push-ups)
  • Do pull-ups on the monkey bars
  • Do knee lifts while hanging on the monkey bars (raise knees to chest)
  • Use an unstable suspension bridge like a Bosu and do squats (or lift your baby over your head while doing squats)
For more info about Kelley Davidson, founder/co-owner of Urban Mom Bootcamps, visit www.urbanmombootcamps.com.

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