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Picture Perfect Family Photos

Want the perfect family photo session? Here are some tips from professional photographer Melissa Fitzgerald and makeup artist Heather Hughes!

  • If your photos are for holiday cards, figure out the card background you want BEFORE you head to your session. Then, be sure to show it to your photographer.
  • Next, choose your location. Outdoor/natural light is usually best.
  • Plan your outfits ahead of time and start with Mom. Then, try to coordinate the colors/patterns of everyone else's outfits around Mom's outfit without being too matchy-matchy.
  • Best makeup tip: Face Saver. Heather describes it as antiperspirant for your face!
  • Follow with translucent powder and bronzer (lightly!).
  • For eyes, don't stray too far from what you usually do every day. Just add more to intensify it.
  • Stay away from too much sparkle for outside.
  • For natural lips, use neutral liner, gloss and a brighter dot of color in the very center of your lips.
  • Don't dress your baby until right before the shoot.
  • Photo shoots are like Murphy's Law, anything bad that can happen, will happen. Just be prepared to go with it!

Melissa Fitzgerald Owner - Melissa Fitzgerald Photography

Heather Hughes
Owner - Hues By Heather

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