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Pairing Patterns and Hair Color

We consider a lot of things when we buy clothes, but our hair color rarely factors in. Here's the lowdown on pairing patterns with your hair's hue.

People often forget about that certain patterns or colors will accentuate their hair color, something which can make a big difference to your appearance. Shannon Yoachum and Lauren Scruggs, editors of online magazine, LOLO, offer some suggestions:


  • Stick with vibrant colors, but be sure to find the right shade. For example, an orangey-red doesn't look good on some, while a rich, true red looks great on most.
  • Instead of tiny prints, try a spread out pattern that doesn't distract from your facial features and rich hair color.
  • Purple is a universally flattering color on brunettes. Incorporate a pattern with purple!
  • Stay away from neutral colors/patterns in the off-white and beige family. The bland color doesn't flatter blondes and can even wash them out.
  • To wear neutrals like beige, make sure the pattern contains other bright colors. For example, a navy and beige chunky stripe.
  • Pick interesting patterns such as paisley in pinks, blues and gold.
  • Stay away from pinks and oranges that might clash with your hair color.
  • Wear soft floral patterns in colors like emerald green and black that complement red hair.
For more information:
Shannon Yoachum and Lauren Scruggs, editors

Special thanks to Hotel ZaZa

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