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Over 40/Under 40 Closets, Magnetic Beauty, How to Wear a Man's Shirt, Nude Lips

Should closet staples when you're under 40 be the same when you're over 40? Find out what you need in your closet at any age. Plus, get a look at crafty magnets that are the key to do-it-yourself beauty product organization. And, find out the perfect shade of nude for your lips and check out creative and stylish ways to wear a man's shirt!
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Segment 1
Over 40/Under 40 Closets
Over 40/Under 40 Closets
All wardrobe essentials are not created equal. By the time we hit age 40, things start to change! Find out what you need at any age.
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Segment 2
Magnetic Beauty: Organize Your Makeup
Magnetic Beauty: Organize Your Makeup
You wouldn't believe how many beauty organization projects you can do with magnets!
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Segment 3
How to Wear a Mans Shirt
How to Wear a Man's Shirt
We've all seen the menswear trend in magazines and on the runway, but you don't have to buy more clothes to get in touch with your masculine side. Just borrow your man's shirt!
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Segment 4
Nude Lips
Nude Lips
The perfect nude lip can look elegant and effortless. However, the wrong shade can actually make you look worse. Here's how to choose your best buff!
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