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One Week/One Carry-On

Even the savviest packer might struggle with fitting one week's worth of outfits and into one carry-on bag. Here's how to pack light and stay stylish from arrival to departure.

Stylist Eric Himel's checklist:
  • First, pick a theme. It could be nautical. It could be black and white. It could be animal prints.
  • Pick a base color. A neutral is best.
  • Next, fold some items and roll the rest. The rolled items will fill the extra spaces in the suitcase. Don't worry about being perfect -- just get a tight, wrinkle-free roll.
  • Start packing! Grab your suitcase.
  • Put shoes and odd-sized, heavy items on the bottom first.
  • Fill in the spaces with socks, underwear, bathing suits and other small things are fine if wrinkled.
  • If you pack a hat, fill the inside with little items before putting it in your suitcase to utilize space.
  • Use the inside flap pocket of the suitcase for flat items.
  • Then, move on to your big carry-on tote. Fill with liquid travel items, flat iron or curling iron, cosmetics sunglasses, jewelry, wallet and a pashmina -- just make sure they're all TSA approved.
For more information:
Eric Himmel, stylist

Thanks to Flight 001

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