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As the weather cools off this fall, it's time to warm ourselves up to some of the hottest trends of the season.

"This season is all about taking bold risks," says fashion show producer Lenny Matuszewski. He says the ideas aren't necessarily new. However, it's all about the ways you put the styles together.

Here are some of Lenny's tips:

Style Hunters

  • Lenny says this trend is a throwback to seventies glam
  • Oversized statement jewelry, ponchos, capes, animal prints (that's where the "hunter" comes in)
  • Best for the consumer who wants to take chances, be bold, and has a sense of spirit and adventure in the way she dresses.

Neo Geo

  • Lenny says this trend is a modern interpretation of color blocking
  • Often black and white with a shot of color
  • All about geometry, geometrics, sometimes unexpected patterns that actually work together because of their scale


  • Think of those wonderful shades of lagoon colors, the very deep in greens and blues
  • Lenny says this trend is a very fresh idea for the jewel tone

Color, Shine, Texture

  • Lenny says when you have those three ideas supporting each other, you've got a really great look
  • Matchy-matchy even works when you have the other elements

Natural Beauty

  • Borrow from Mother Nature - night, sunsets, pastels, pinks, earth tones of browns, taupes, beiges.
  • They all work to support this idea of natural beauty, which is Mother Nature's palette.


  • Lenny says leave it to the Brits to give us some great style elements
  • Classic pieces - hounds tooth, hats, argyle, Peter Pan collars, and cardigans  can all make a statement.


  • Get dressed up with peplums and sparkle
  • Lenny says sometimes more is more!

More information:
Lenny Matuszewski
Fashion Show Producer

Special thanks to Macy's for location and looks:

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