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Necklaces for the Right Necklines

Do you ever put on a great shirt and a great necklace, but then something looks off with your outfit? Maybe your necklace doesn't flatter your neckline.

The problem might be your necklace style and length, says boutique owner and accessories expert Betty Newton.

Here are her tips for pairing necklaces and necklines for any occasion:


  • Wear a necklace that mirrors the shape of the neckline.
  • Avoid match stones andfabrics all the time.
  • It's fine to layer a dainty necklace under a bold one, as long as the smaller one is higher up and closer to the neck.
  • Large pendants with long chain are great because they pull the necklace into a V-shape.
  • You can also wear a pendant necklace that fall right on the V-neckline of your shirt. This frames the neck and can make a very deep V more modest.
Round Neck
  • Probably the easiest neckline to wear with a necklace.
  • If you're petite, beware of too-long necklaces! If needed, double it around your neck leaving the two strands at two different lengths -- one shorter, one longer. Have the longest strand hang right below your chest.
Scoop Neck
  • Don't wear a necklace that overpowers an structured neckline.
  • Make sure there isn't too much room between the sides of the neckline and the necklace.
  • If your neckline scoops, so should your necklace. Shy away from a heavy pendant that might pull the necklace into a V-shape.
  • Don't wear a necklace that skims the horizontal line of a strapness top or dress -- this distracts from the elegance of the neckline.
  • Necklaces should lie on the decollete or closely around the neck (but if you're self conscious about your chest, avoid a choker).
Boat Neck
  • Since you're not showing much skin, you should make a statement with your necklace(s).
  • This is a good opportunity to layer -- three necklaces spaced evenly apart give the appearance of one elaborate piece.
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