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Name That Bag

From the Birkin Bag, to the Jackie Bag, to the Fendi Spy Bag, Saks Fifth Avenue's Jean Rubert charts a timeline of iconic handbags according to their historical context.

The Hermes Birkin:

  • Named after actress Jane Birkin
  • One of the most coveted bags in the world and hardest to get a hold of!
  • Named after Birkin after she dropped her Kelly bag on a plane. As the story goes, she wanted one that would hold more, so she contacted the president of Hermes and they created the Birkin bag.
Chanel 2.55
  • Originally created by Coco Chanel and introduced in February 1955, hence the 2.55.
  • As the story goes, she was at a cocktail party and noticed women having trouble with their cocktails and canapés. So she decided to create a bag with a shoulder strap so women could put their bag over their shoulder and free up their hands.
Dior Lady Dior
  • The bag was created in 1995 as a gift to Lady Diana. She loved the bag so much that she wore it everywhere.
  • The House of Dior did end up naming the bag after her, hence Dior's Lady Diana.
Louis Vuitton Speedy
  • The Speedy Bag is an incarnation of the "Keep All" bag which is much larger.
  • It became very popular when Audrey Hepburn started carrying the bag. Everyone wanted the little speedy bag, and that's how it gained its iconic status.
Fendi Spy Bag
  • The Fendi Spy Bag has a very interesting, unique shape.
  • But the really fun thing about the Spy Bag is that each one has a coin purse hidden inside.
Gucci Jackie
  • The Jackie bag was originally called the Constance bag by Gucci.
  • Jackie Onassis began carrying the bag and soon everyone wanted the bag that Jackie O had. Gucci changed the name of the Constance to the Jackie O bag.
Yves Saint Laurent Muse
  • The Muse bag is gaining iconic status for its classic style. It's often sold out.
  • It's a very structured bag
  • YSL updated the Muse with the Muse II.
Judith Leiber
  • Judith Lieber bags are very recognizable because they're covered with Swarovski crystals.
  • From elephants, to cupcakes, to dogs and butterflies, Leiber bags come in all different shapes.
Jean Ruberti
Saks Fifth Avenue

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