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Decollete Care, Two-Bobby Pin Styles, Ravishing in Red, Gyrokinesis, Berry-Based Beauty

Check out anti-aging advice for a body part that's often overlooked, and try a few hairstyles you can create with just two bobby pins. Plus, see the red flags to avoid when wearing red. Finally, pick up some 'berry' good beauty products.
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Segment 1
Decollete Care
Decollete Care
The decollete, the skin beneath our neck and above our bustline, is a part of our body that often gets neglected. But it shows our age just as fast as our face or hands. Hear how to keep yours soft, youthful, and wrinkle-free.
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Segment 2
2-Bobby Pin Styles
2-Bobby Pin Styles
Have two bobby pins? There are so many quick styles you can create!
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Segment 3
Web Exclusive: Easy Hair Styles
Web Exclusive: Easy Hair Styles
Salon owner Rachel Gower shares a few hair styles that you can create with two bobby pins, one elastic band and one hair spray product.
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Segment 4
Raveshing in Red
Raveshing in Red
Whether you think of it as a power color or the color of love, red should be a primary color in your closet.
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Segment 5
Is back or neck pain keeping you from exercising?
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Segment 6
Berry-Based Beauty
Berry-Based Beauty
We all know that berries are superfoods, full of antioxidants and vitamins. But it turns out they're also 'berry' good at boosting our beauty!
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