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Mom/Daughter Hair

What is the secret for moms to keep their hair in style, but not look too much like their daughters?

Salon owner Trey Gillen says, "Today, mothers and daughters look more and more like sisters." His advice: Moms, keep your look current, not trendy!

Here are some of his other age-defying hair tips:

  • Pick a length that's age and lifestyle appropriate.
  • Pick a cut that's current (no soccer mom styles!), but not too edgy or trendy (leave that to the kids).
  • When coloring your hair, stay on the lighter side to compliment an aging skin tone. Skin becomes more translucent as we age, so don't put dark hair against it.
  • Partial highlights around the face help to soften fine lines on the face.
  • If your lifestyle can support longer hair as you age, be sure your style doesn't drag your face down. A few layers and sweeping bangs can make all the difference. It'll draw the eye up instead of down.
  • If your hair is lighter and you need to cover dark roots around your hair line (because you don't want dark hair next to fading skin), another trick is to find a haircut where you can push your hair forward to cover the dark hairline.

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Trey Gillen
Owner - Tre Spa

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