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Metallic Makeup

When it comes to makeup, shimmer is subtle but metallics are marvelous! Here's how to wear them.

Salon owner Rachel Gower says that in order to go gold, silver, and broze, you need a little practice!

First, pick your precious metal based on your skin undertone. Silver is perfect for anyone with a cool undertone. If you have a warm undertone, you'd probably look great in bronze. Gold tends to look good on any undertone.

Next, decide on your luster level. So, you can do something more opaque, something sheer with shimmer or go all out with glitter.

Finally, decide which feature you're going to spotlight, because when it comes to metallic make-up, you really need to stick with just one.

Then, try these looks:

The Natural
Products: Black eyeliner, mascara, and a sheer, iridescent eyelid color

  • Apply creamy eye shadow across the entire lid
  • Go back and line just on the top of your eye
  • Finish with mascara and a little lip gloss
The Feminine Fade
Products: Two shades of eyeshadow with different textures, metallic eye pencil, mascara
  • Cover the entire eye area with a creamy opaque shadow
  • Take a powdery shadow that's a little darker and use that as your contour
  • Line only the upper lash line with a metallic pencil
  • Add mascara
  • Use a non-metallic blush and your favorite lip color, but nothing too heavy
The Siren
Products: Densely pigmented creamy shadow, eyeliner, mascara
  • The trick to this look is eyelid color
  • Apply lid color over the entire lid, but invery thin layers until you get the desired look
  • Put on mascara, and -- if you want to amp it up -- some eyeliner
  • Complete this look with bare cheeks but a beautiful posey pout
The Jet Setter
Products: Two shades of powder eyeshadow, a shimmer product, mascara
  • Create a smoky eye effect as you usually would
  • Top your favorite sparkly product on top of it
  • Just add mascara; keep the rest of your face very neutral
The Bombshell
Products: Metallic eyeshadow, metallic eyeliner, mascara
  • Cover your entire lid with your metallic shadow
  • Take a metallic eye liner and have fun with it -- top and bottom
  • Apply mascara; stay subtle everywhere else
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