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Medicine Ball Workout

A medicine ball is a little smaller than a basketball, but much heavier, and capable of an equally good workout.

"The medicine ball is typically made up of any type of mobile substance that is weighted, like sand or pea gravel," says fitness trainer Stephanie Buck.

They range in weight, but starting with a six to ten pound balls is ideal. You can get a full workout in just twenty minutes.

"A medicine ball will improve your strength, your agility, your coordination. It makes you more dynamic and mobile than a strength-based workout using dumbbells," says Stephanie.

Moves to Try

Toss and Catch:

  • Bend your knees
  • Let the ball go down with your center of gravity
  • Throw the ball up using your whole body
  • Do the same move without throwing the ball for an additional shoulder workout
  • Hold the ball and squat
  • Let the ball drop down when the body comes up
Arm Series:
  • Hold the ball in both hands
  • Press it overhead from your chest and repeat
Fake Out:
  • Pretend you're going to throw the ball with both hands from your chest
  • Once you release the ball to throw it, quickly grab it back and pull it in toward your chest again.
Partner Moves:
  • Throw the ball back and forth with your partner
  • To make it more difficult, lunge when you receive the ball.
For more information:
Stephanie Buck, Personal Trainer

Special thanks to One2One Training Center

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