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Matte Makeup is Back

For so many years, it's been about shimmer and glow. Well, matte makeup is back, and here is why it's a must.

"Matte makeup is huge right now. It's great all year-round. It leaves your skin really polished and finished, especially in the summer months when your skin is a little more oily," says Makeup Artist Neil Scibelli.

Here are his tips and tricks for pulling off matte marvelously:

  • Start with Jouer's Matte Moisture Tint, a mattifying foundation and moisturizer built into one.

  • For oily skin, opt for a powder blush and apply from the apples of the cheeks outward.

  • Neil recommends matte eye shadow for oily skin because it doesn't settle into the creases as easily as shadows with shimmer.

  • Keep Jouer Matte Touch in your purse to touch-up. It's a cream formula that has shea butter in it, which is hydrating, but it has little micro-sponges in it, which will absorb the shine.

  • For dry skin, Neil suggests matte-colored cream blush because it will better absorb into the skin.

  • To achieve a natural looking smokey eye, try matte eye shadow. It will help define your eyes and stay put in the crease. Use a definer brush to define the lower lids without looking too harsh. Use the same eye shadow from the outer corner of the eye, smudging to the inner corners.

  • For more mature skin, Neil says avoid a matte product for all over coverage. Instead, use something dewy and more luminizing all over the skin and a matte product just in the t-zone. Then, use matte products to add color.

More information:
Neil Scibelli
Makeup Artist  Jouer Cosmetics

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