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Makeup Dilemmas Solved

Beauty and lifestyle expert Candace Corey shares her best makeup advice.

I don't have a lot of time or money to spend to look my best. What can I do?

You don't need to spend a lot to time or money to look your best. There are small things you can do to create a better you.

Stress, travel, and the environment can take a toll on our system and affect our skin and hair. So, watch what you put in your body. You can do small things like cutting back on carbonated soft drinks and replacing them with beverages that contain acai to promote healthier stronger nails, skin and hair. Acai is a fruit from the Amazon, called "the beauty berry" in Brazil. Acai juice (depending on the brand) has super antioxidants with 1000% of B12 in just one 8oz. glass. Also, try mixing the juice with oatmeal to create a homemade facial scrub.

Also, don't skip the most vital time to improve your skin - night time. Your body repairs itself at night so make the most of that time by using a night creams. For best results also include a serum. The molecules in serums are smaller, and designed to penetrate deeper into the skin to add additional vitamins and benefits than just moisturizer.

My makeup seems to fade. What's the problem?

Makeup can fade because your skin doesn't have enough moisture. If your skin isn't properly hydrated your body will try to take it from where ever it can, and that can mean your makeup. So, it can absorb it from foundation or even cream blush, leaving just the residue of pigment on your face.

For best results start with clean skin. If you apply your moisturizer and it feels dry, it's still thirsty. Apply more. Skin should feel plump and bouncy from hydration before you start to apply makeup.

My mascara looks clumpy and it smudges under my eyes. Do I have the wrong brand? Improper removal of old mascara can create build up and dry areas which can cause new mascara to go on improperly and uneven, creating clumps.

Washing your face doesn't always remove old mascara because cleanser is designed for your skin and lashes are hair. Instead, use a product that is designed to remove eye makeup. Start by saturating it on a cotton ball, acrylic can scratch delicate skin around the eye. Let the product "sit" on the underside of the lashes instead of the top of the lashes (the same way you apply mascara) momentarily so it can break down the makeup. Then gently wipe it away. Repeat until the mascara is completely removed. Resist the urge to "scrub" or you can break your lashes off. Then wash your face as usual.

If you apply mascara on the lower lashes and it smudges under your eyes, it may be caused by applying too much product. Most mascara is designed with a specialty wand to make your upper lashes look long and thick but the wand might be too big for proper application on the lower area of the eye. Opt for a mascara that is specifically designed for the lower lashes like Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.

My foundation makes me look old or cakey. Is it too thick?

Many times it is due to improper makeup application. Don't just plop a lot of foundation on your skin and smear it around or the excess will settle and emphasize lines and wrinkles. Instead, start by using a foundation that has "buildable" capabilities so you can apply what you need in thin layers. Start by putting a thin layer on your face and then pat (not rub!) more in the areas that need a little more coverage.

Powder sets your makeup and helps it to last through the day but never apply powder to the face if it has oil or sweat on it or it will turn the color darker or even orange. Instead take a tissue or blotting paper and press it onto skin to absorb any oil or sweat first, without disturbing your makeup, then apply powder in the areas you need it and brush off the excess.

My eyeliner always smears before the end of the day. Do I need a different liner?

Avoid over applying pencil eyeliner. Since pencils usually have wax in them, the body heats up the liner and it runs down the face. Instead, line partially in the inner corner with a pencil, then use a brush to blend and "drag" the rest of the color to the rest of the eye area. Then top it with high pigmented coordinating eye shadow. This will keep liner from smudging and sliding down the face.

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