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Long-Lasting Wardrobe

What to do to keep the contents of your closet in the best condition for years to come.

Delicate treasures like cashmere, lingere, and pearls require extra TLC. However, many of us are doing it all wrong! Author of "Dress Yourself Skinny," Sarah Shah, has some advice for keeping your nicest things nice:
  • Hand wash cashmere.
  • Hook bras and zip up zippers before washing. They can snag other clothes.
  • Don't drive in heels because the floorboard can scuff the heels. Wear driving shoes instead.
  • Buy underarm shields to prevent armpit stains!
  • Give bras a break in between wearings to let the elastic "breathe"
  • Don't hang pearls because it weakens the threads that hold them together.
  • Wash whites after every wear to prevent yellowing.
  • Don't wash darks after every wear so they won't fade.
  • Wash or dry clean separates together so they fade at the same rate.
For more information:
Sarah Shah
Image Consultant/Author
"Dress Yourself Skinny"

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