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Magnetic Beauty: Organize Your Makeup

You wouldn't believe how many beauty organization projects you can do with magnets!

"Every single woman struggles with keeping her makeup organized. But there's a really simple solution and it's magnets," says salon owner Rachel Gower.

So, she came up with some great do-it-yourself, crafty, magnetic solutions!



  • 11x14 frame
  • thin sheet metal
  • crazy glue
  • tacks
  • heavy duty small magnets
  • self-adhesive drawer liner
How to:
  • Measure the inside rim of the frame.
  • Have your hardware store cut the sheet metal to the same size as the inside rim of the frame, or very carefully do it yourself.
  • Take your self-adhesive drawer liner, roll it out, and to make it a little easier, take a piece of tape and tape it to your work surface.
  • Lay your sheet metal right on top of the paper, and cut around the metal, leaving at least an inch on each side.
  • Peel the protective liner off the adhesive strip and lay sheet metal on top.
  • Cut slits in the corners of the liner and fold up the liner around the sheet metal like a present.
  • If you see bubbles, smooth them out using a flat edge, starting at the center.
  • Turn the frame over and line the inner rim of the frame with glue.
  • Place the covered sheet metal inside the picture frame.
  • Once you place the sheet metal inside the frame, take a thumb tack and tack it in on each side to make sure it stays put.
  • Let it sit for at least an hour.
  • Meanwhile, glue your magnets to your makeup. A quick tip: make sure you clean the surface of the makeup with rubbing alcohol. It will stick a lot better.
  • When the frame is dry stick your magnetized makeup on the board!


  • Velcro strips
  • Magnetic (metal) strip
  • Magnets
How to:
  • Start by putting your Velcro on the back of the magnetic strip.
  • Turn it back over and place the magnets across the front of the strip.
  • Then, put all of your items on it.

To organize loose bobby pins:

  • Use a paper clip holder with a magnetized top
  • Use an adhesive magnetic strip on the inside of a cabinet door.
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