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Lipstick's Comeback

Longtime lipstick lovers regard this classic colored cream as a make-up staple, but younger generations are still stuck on gloss. Cosmetic companies are working to change women's opinions about the perfect lip coverage, by making lipstick even easier to apply!

Still want to give lipstick the kiss-off? Salon owner Rachel Gower won't hear of it.
  • Step one is good lip care. Wear lip balm regularly or try a lipstick with healing properties. Look for peptides, topical antioxidants and sunscreen on the label.
  • Next, pick the best color for you. Here's a trick: Pull back the inside of your lip and look at the color. If you go one shade deeper, that will be a great neutral for you. For more pop, go two or three shade deeper.
  • To find the best match, try on lipsticks without make-up on.
  • Hot colors for lips this spring/summer are light pinks, sheer pinks, berries, reds and apricots.
  • Try a convertible color if you're not ready to commit to lipstick. You can use it as a lip color or blush.
  • Try a lip stain for stay-proof lip color. The key is adding a moisturizer on top.
  • With dark, matte colors, apply with your finger for a softer look.
  • Try a lip liner first and lipstick on top, but remember, the lipstick will wear off and liner will stay so pick a neutral color.
  • Make sure your lipstick stays on your lips, not your teeth. After you apply, pucker your lips around your pinky finger and pull your finger out. Any extra lip color will come with it!
For more information, contact:
Rachel Gower
The Upper Hand Salon

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