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Kate Middleton's Style, Throwback Hair, Trapeze Workout, Winter Weather Beauty, Top 5 Nail Requests

Check out some easy ways to 'repli-kate' Kate Middleton's ladylike looks. Get more on modern hairstyles based upon old-fashioned Hollywood tresses. And, soak up few winter weather beauty tips and nail trends.
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Segment 1
Kate Middletons Style
Kate Middleton's Style
Kate Middleton's style is already fit for a queen. Here's how to 'dupli-kate' her polished look.
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Segment 2
Throwback Hair
Throwback Hair
From TV shows to the red carpet, retro hairstyles are in demand. Here's how to get inspiration from the past but make your hair oh-so present!
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Segment 3
Trapeze Workout
Trapeze Workout
Find out why women are flipping out over the trapeze workout!
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Segment 4
Winter Weather Beauty
Winter Weather Beauty
Don't let walking in a winter wonderland wreck your hair, skin and nails. Here are some ways to stay beautiful until spring.
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Segment 5
Top 5 Nail Requests
Top 5 Nail Requests
Salon owner Rachel Gowers shares how to score a 'high five' with this season's most in-demand nail trends.
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