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Indo Row

Rowing is the latest trend in fitness -- but it isn't your boat that you are rowing, it's a machine!

"What's great about rowing is it's a total body workout. A lot of people think it's primarily upper body, but it's about 60-percent legs, 20-percent core, and 20-percent upper body," says fitness instructor Kelley Bettis.

While rowing isn't a new exercise, today there's a new kind of rowing machine. Indo Rows or indoor rowing machines actually have water inside!

"It's actual water that you're pulling, so the resistance is a self-regulating resistance& You can make it as intense as you want the harder you pull," says Matt Blackwell, in the midst of a class.

The first part of class is about skills and drills. We warm up on the indo row and work on our form and reps per minute.

As we keep building our speed, we build our endurance.

The last part of class is the race but in a 'splash' -- we're finished!

"Thirty minutes doesn't sound like that much time, but you'll see when you take the class that it is very challenging& You've heard the expression, 'No pain, no gain.' With Indo Row, it's actually, less pain, more gain. You have less pain because you don't have the stress on the joints, and you have more gain because you get to exercise efficiently for longer," Kelley says.

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Kelley Bettis
Group Exercise Director

Leslie Zizinia
Group Exercise Instructor

The Houstonian

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