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How to Wear This Season's It Color: Purple

It's rich, it's regal, and with so many shades to choose from, here is why purple is this season's hue for you! Here's some quick tips on how to wear it best.

Five stylists shared their tips on how to wear purple this season. Here's how you can make it part of your fall wardrobe.

Karli Gillum

Stylist and fashion blogger, Karli says purple should be part of your wardrobe this fall.

"For centuries, purple reigned for royalty, but this season, I'm showing you how purple reigns for all," says Karli.

Here's how Karli put together this look:

1. She started with purple jumpsuit by Trina Turk as an easy grab-and-go outfit. Wearing a solid color, like purple, from head to toe will elongate the body and make you look taller and more slender.

2. Be careful with belts. Some belts, says Karli, can cut the body in half, but the belt on this jumpsuit is color, defining curves without shortening the body. 3. Next, Karli added a wild fox faux fur vest to glam up the look.

How do you know what purple is best for you? Check in with your skin tone, says Karli.

"If you're a cooler skin tone, go for a purple that has a blue or gray hue to it," she says. "For warmer complexions, go for a purple that has a red or magenta hue."

Wendy Norwood Patterson

Fashion stylist Wendy Norwood Patterson says she's in love with this season's purple trend.

"I love the purple trend because purple is such a rich, vibrant color, and there are so many ways to dress it up," says Wendy.

Here's how she put together this violet look:

1. Start with a simple, solid purple dress. Wendy's choice had a simple pencil-line skirt with a little bit of rouching and stud embellishments.

3. Next, she added purple with black and gold accessories for maximum impact.

Nikki Washington

Stylist Nikki Washington loves purple's versatility.

"The purple trend is something you can mix with anything this fall: jewel tones, whites, and even metallics."

Here's how Nikki constructed her look:

1. She started with a flowy purple blouse and paired it with white skinny jeans. Don't worry about that old rule against wearing white after Labor Day, says Nikki.

2. Next, she added a blue and gold statement necklace and clutch.

Nikki's tip: If you're nervous about wearing purple, try wearing it as an accessory first. Try with a necklace, bracelet, or even a scarf.

Valerie Ditner

Purple's not just a trend for fashion stylist and buyer Valerie Ditner.

"I have always loved purple. I actually had three purple prom dresses in high school," she says.

To create her look, Valerie chose print dress with a deep shade of purple and paired it with camel, gold, and leopard. The warm tones really bring out the richness and put purple in the perfect setting for fall dressing.

Valerie says many women are afraid to wear purple because they think it's not a good shade on them, but purple is just as flattering as pink, so all you have to do is find the right purple for you.

Lindley Arnoldy

To create this purple look, Lindley picked out a J Brand sheath dress because it's longer, appropriate for cocktail parties, events, and functions. It's also a subtle leopard print in a gradient color from top to bottom. She pairs the dress with black pumps and adds an olive green leather jacket for a chilly night.

For more from our stylists:

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Special thanks to Muse Boutique for Rebecca's outfit.
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