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How to Wear Graphic Prints

Check out some of the stunning printed pieces from designer David Peck's collection and get his insider tips on how to mix-and-match the patterns in your closet!

"I guess I'm obsessed with prints and we always create our own custom prints every season," David says.

So, yes, he knows a thing or two about styling prints and patterns.

Here are some of his best tips:

  • The easiest way to wear a print or pattern, is to keep everything monochromatic or within the same color family. Pull a color from the print and use that as your accessory color.

  • If you're just starting out with prints, wear them as accents, on collars, cuffs, or trim.

  • Try mixing prints with mixed metals for a unique combination.

  • When mixing two similar patterns (like houndstooth, or plaid) remember scale. Make sure one piece has a miniature print and the other has a large print.

  • If you have a very large painterly print, make it your focal point with no other distractions.

  • A great way to wear printed pants is in a big, vertical print (with lots of vertical lines) because it'll elongate your legs. If the fabric is also soft, not stiff, it'll move with your body and be really is flattering.

  • Staying within the same color family is important! You can mix a lot of textures and prints, as long as you're not mixing a lot of different colors.

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