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How to Tie a Pashmina

When the weather cools down, the pashmina scarves come out. The trick is knowing how to tie one.

Jeanne Ruberti, director of sales and development at Tootsies, says, "The thing I love about pashminas is the versatility of a pashmina."

Here's a wrap-up of her seasonal scarf ideas:

  • Instead of just letting your pashmina hang plainly around your neck with blunt ends, grab one corner and hold the pashmina in the air, letting it fall naturally. Then, let it drape around your neck with graduated ends for more style.
  • To take it one step further, wrap it around your neck once or twice.
  • For French inspiration, grab your pashmina in the center, fold in half and make a loop. Put it around your neck and pull the ends through the loop. Fluff the scarf.
  • For a different look, pull only one leg of the scarf through the scarf loop.
  • Need a little more coverage? Turn your pashmina into a bolero. Wrap the scarf around your shoulders letting the ends hang in front. Pull the ends of the scarf under your arms and around your back. Tie the ends together behind your back to secure the bolero look in place.
For more information:
Tootsies -- www.tootsies.com

Special thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue -- www.saksfifthavenue.com

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